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Modern Calligraphy Workshop with Happy Hands Project

This is a repost of an old post dated June 2014. Good news! Pauline is having a new calligraphy workshop coming up end of April 2015. Get more details from her blog here.

Last 21st June, I had the wonderful opportunity to participate in a Beginner’s Modern Calligraphy workshop by Happy Hands Project. The founder and instructor, Pauline was a pleasant and down-to-earth lady who was very generous with her knowledge and tips on calligraphy.

Me and Pauline

The workshop was held in Studio @ Heaven in a Wildflower, a boutique event styling and vintage rental company. I must say it was really inspiring to see all sorts of props, paintings and unique crockery all around the living room. Almost every corner was instagram-worthy! But sadly I didn’t get a chance to snap some pictures as we were quite occupied with the food.

Speaking about food, it was amazingly delicious! Lunch was provided by Eunice, owner of the studio. Eunice and Pauline were very kind for fulfilling my request for halal food. Originally I told Pauline I was fine with just a drink, but she insisted that they would find an alternative. And so they provided all of us with scrumptious pies and cakes.


So back to the workshop, when I arrived I found that we were provided with a medium-sized canvas bag. I simply loved it because Pauline even personalized it with a tag of our respective names. Inside was a comprehensive set of tools and materials, neatly labeled and organized. Its little details like this that makes me happy. I appreciate the effort put into making them look professional and consistent.


Bag of calligraphy goodness!


An impressive set of tools and materials

We started the class with some basic strokes and after that Pauline made a demonstration for the alphabets.

Demonstration by Pauline

Demonstration by Pauline

I have to admit I was a bit clumsy at first, my strokes were either too big or too spaced out. Haha. Everyone else had neat, small, organized lines of strokes. I sort of admitted it out loud during class and everyone just laughed. Oh well, its all part of learning isn’t it? I think even Pauline noticed my style of writing.

My humble first strokes

My humble first strokes

The room we were in was well-lit and nicely decorated with pastel hues. I especially like the ribbon draping on the ceiling and the fresh flowers on the table we were working on. Its details like this that adds to the ambience of the room and inspires us to get creative. Perhaps I should try having fresh flowers on my desktop then? Hmm.. Something new to try!


After the lunch break, we were tasked to create our first calligraphy greeting card. Hence I decided to do something wedding related as I was going to attend a friend’s wedding after the class.

My first calligraphy greeting card!

My first calligraphy greeting card!

After the workshop ended, I couldn’t stop thinking of ideas and projects I could do with my new skill. I got so excited to practice again so I did this piece the following morning.


Overall my experience during the workshop was really good. I had a great time and it was really fun. I felt like the three hours just flew by so quickly! I recommend it to anyone who is keen to try calligraphy, give it a go and you won’t regret it. But be sure to be quick, coz her classes sells out quite fast!

Caligraphy Workshop by: Happy Hands Project

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